Steel's latest takes a slightly different approach from many of her earlier novels as she explores how an earthquake affects people from all walks
of life, not merely the very wealthy. Fast-paced and filled with emotional drama, the realism of this book will appeal to a variety of readers.

Sarah seems to live a charmed life in San Francisco, until her latest charity benefit is interrupted by a deadly earthquake.

Unusual friendships form in the wake of the tragedy. Melanie, a successful young pop star, had been performing at the benefit. She meets Tom, a handsome archeology student, and learns the rewards of nursing those in need. Maggie, a devout nun, meets Everett, a successful photographer, and their friendship evolves into a deeper attraction. And Sarah confides in Maggie when she discovers some disturbing truths about her husband's business practices -- truths that could destroy their financial security and land him in prison. (DELACORTE, Nov., 336 pp., $27.00).

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick