Fed up with her boss' penny-pinching ways, hotelier Gracie MacDougal abruptly quits her high-powered job with Worldwide Hotels.

Returning to the U.S., Gracie rents a picturesque cottage in Seagull Point, Virginia, for the summer. Unable to turn off her work ethic entirely, when Gracie glimpses an empty and somewhat run down Victorian home, inspiration strikes... she'll open her own B&B! But her plans run into a major road block when the man in charge of the property refuses to sell.

Despite all the demands on his time, attorney Kevin Patrick Daniels does his level best to relax and enjoy life. Spiking the very attractive Gracie's whirlwind pace becomes a major source of amusement for Kevin.

Gracie is amazed by her response to the charming, laid back Kevin. He's the antithesis of men she has dated, plus there is his maddening refusal to sell.

Kevin's Aunt Delia believes Gracie is just what the doctor ordered. Despite all the bad marriages in their dysfunctional family, Delia is determined to get Kevin happily settled down.

Join the fun with the outstanding author Sherryl Woods and visit a pair of remarkable characters who are guaranteed to raise your spirits. AMAZING GRACIE is one of those wonderful books whose characters, setting and plot combine to produce a 24-karat-gold reading experience. (June, 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith