Ambrosia Harris is a research expert who has been searching for her father since childhood. One day, a handsome African warrior, Justus Nadamo, appears to enlist her help in finding his kings missing family. Ambrosia accepts, not realizing that her new assignment will bring her closer to finding the answers shes been looking for all her life.

Justus is smitten with Ambrosia at first sight and the feeling is mutual. He struggles with his growing feelings for her, especially as he becomes aware of her true heritagea different culture and way of life than she has known, one that some seek to dispose of before Ambrosia has the privilege to embrace it.

Ambrosia is an intriguing, spellbinding story of royalty and the struggle for power. Putting this book down before turning to the last page will be next to impossible! (Feb., 220 pp., $8.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Sims