Sala follows Letty and Eulis, who debuted in her western novel Whippoorwill, as they leave behind their old lives in Lizard Flats and travel the Kansas territory of the 1860s. Formerly a lady of ill repute, Letty panicked when her client, Reverend Randall Ward Howe, died in her bed. Employing the help of drunken Eulis, the town gravedigger, they secretly buried the reverend. Eulis and Letty leave town together, thanking God for their second chance at life, as he impersonates the minister, and she acts as his sidekick, Sister Leticia.

Both discover their own previously untapped inner strength when pitted against the west, but even amid the harsh realities of everyday life, there are comical moments, such as tipping outhouses and spraying skunks. And when their masquerade ends and they continue on to the wild city of Denver to search for gold, Letty and Eulis find that their relationship has evolved in a manner they never would have thought possible.

Sala's smooth writing and entertaining wit will engage readers. The spunky characters and their bumpy journey provide a page-turning escape from the fast-paced reality of modern-day life. (Jul., 344 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick