Image of American Cool


Image of American Cool

DiPlacido's characters are risk-takers
and rebels. While not all of these stories
fit the erotica genre, they are well written, unique and fascinating. Realistic jargon paints the settings, and the use of unusual points of view is refreshing. A bit like a
literary Pulp Fiction, this book offers a glimpse into the exciting, sometimes dangerous lives of people living on the edge.

A gangster's daughter is on a winning streak in "Neon Nights." "Shuffle Up (and Deal)" features an unlucky poker player. A game of strip poker heats up in "Heads Up Poker." A a city girl finds love at a ranch in "Coyote Blues." "I, Candy" explores dating and plastic surgery, while "Right Hand Diamonds" and "Found in Translation" feature international affairs.

In "Going Yard," a baseball player has a chance for the majors. Female softball players make the national team in "Like a Girl." "Bloodlines" describes a dysfunctional family. A surfer learns to take a risk after a serious accident in "Beyond the Sea," and teenagers lose their virginity together in "American Cool 101." (REBEL PRESS, Jun. '07, 258 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer R. Wells-Marani