Image of America's Star-Crossed Sweethearts


Image of America's Star-Crossed Sweethearts
AMERICA’S STAR-CROSSED SWEETHEARTS (4.5) by Jackie Braun: Ahhh! Italy, a place where wondrous things can happen: like love, forgiveness and serenity. Movie star Atlanta Jackson and injured baseball player Angelo Casali are looking for a safe haven in order to heal, regroup and reclaim their professional lives, while dealing with baggage from their emotionally challenged childhoods. The two superstars are drawn to each by a myriad of common bonds. Their time together in Italy is idyllic, poignant and life-changing as Atlanta and Angelo learn of love and the true meaning of family. Braun has penned a wonderful tale. She gives their tragic childhoods the respect they deserve without slowing the pace or their growth. This is a worthy addition to the Bella Rosa saga and an excellent stand-alone.
Reviewed by: 
Katherine Taylor