Image of An Amish Christmas: A Novel


Image of An Amish Christmas: A Novel

The line between modern life and the past is delineated clearly in this tale, in which two worlds collide. Modern, fast-paced society comes head to head with the simpler (or perhaps, even more complex) life of the Amish people of Pennsylvania. The voices in this novel are clear, particularly Catherine’s and Meg’s, and it is easy for the reader to become captivated by the world they reside in. This is a sweet, seasonal read to be enjoyed on a snowy evening.

Meg’s husband, in a fit of pride, made decisions that brought their wealthy, suburban lifestyle to an abrupt halt. Having lost their house, their belongings and all of their savings, Meg is faced with the only option remaining — to move her entire family in with her cold, distant parents. In the bleak winter night that will change their lives forever, on a remote road in Pennsylvania, their car collides with Amish patriarch David’s buggy, and all of them must make choices that are both irrevocable and daunting. (BALLANTINE, Nov., 239 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs