Image of An Amish Gift: A Novel


Image of An Amish Gift: A Novel

This is a simple and poignant read, with some charming scenes. Familial relationships form the story’s core, and the plot runs more along the lines of other holiday tales that are weak on romance but strong on heart. Patching strained family relationships and building new friendships within the Amish community is the book’s running theme.

The Davis family has just moved to Lancaster County, Penn., to make a new start. Each family member struggles to find their place in their new community surrounded by their Amish neighbors. Tensions between husband and wife, Shep and Jennie Davis, reignite as old insecurities resurface. As the holiday season approaches, they are met with yet another test as an unexpected visitor arrives on the scene. Will Shep and Jennie be able to reconcile and set aside their differences while rediscovering the meaning of Christmas? (BALLANTINE, Nov., 256 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch