Three popular Christian authors combine to create a heartwarming set of three stories. While a pleasant tale, Long’s is a bit slow to engage and the ending seems a bit rushed. Clipston uses strong characters to remind the reader to rely on God. She tackles a tough topic of caring for a loved one after a stroke. Wiseman creates a sweet tale while delicately handling the reality of Parkinson’s.

In “A Taste of Faith” by Long, Fern Zook is following in her grandmother’s footsteps as an herbal healer, which is how she gets to know Abram Fisher. She believes he likes another. She fears getting hurt and wants to focus on healing others. Is there room in her life for love? Clipston’s “A Spoonful of Love” stars Hannah King, who runs a B&B for Englischers. Stephen Esh is a guest there, as he is new in town and looking for work. Hannah senses a sadness in Stephen and he believes he can help her deal with her daed’s medical issues. Did God bring them together for a purpose? In Wiseman’s “A Recipe for Hope,” Eve Bender is dreading the fact that she and her family must move in with her parents while their house is being repaired. Eve will discover how advanced her mamm’s Parkinson’s is, and they will confront some deep-seated issues in their relationship. (THOMAS NELSON, Dec, 356 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee