Image of An Amish Miracle


Image of An Amish Miracle

Three of today’s top Christian authors come together to create this charming collection of Amish novellas. Uncommon topics in Amish-themed stories — including rape, obesity and low self-esteem — are handled in a delicate manner. The tales are connected by the characters, making them relatable for the reader.

In Ellis’ “Always In My Heart,” Hope and Stephen Bowman long for a son. Hope fears she is being punished for her past choices. Will her secret destroy her marriage, or will she receive the miracle she has been praying for? In Reid’s “Always His Providence,” widow Rosa Hostetler could lose her farm due to back taxes. Neighbor Adam Bontrager wants to help, but she believes it is out of obligation to her late husband. Will a miracle save her farm and give her a second chance at love? In Wiseman’s “Always Beautiful,” Becky Byler is struggling with obesity and low self-esteem. She prays to God for a miracle weight loss, but will it change her life for better or worse? (THOMAS NELSON, Dec., 384 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee