The second book in the Women of Lancaster County series centers around Ada Rupp and her family history. It is rich in detail, with some of the best characters this reader has ever come across. Their strength in their beliefs is vivid and tangible. Co-authors Clark and Gould are a good match, neither outshining the other. The history of Switzerland is an added bonus.

Ada Rupp knows her place in the Amish world, and knows that she must make a commitment to her faith and the church if she wants a future with Will Gundy. But when Ada has the chance to go to Switzerland to take care of a child, she agrees, as it may be her only chance before she becomes a full member of the church. While in Switzerland she meets Daniel, a Mennonite scholar, who helps her research her forebears. Ada is attracted to Daniel, but she also cannot stop thinking about Will. She will need to decide what she is willing to give up from her past for her to be able to come to terms with her future. (HARVEST HOUSE, Jul., 304 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans