Image of Among the Missing: A Novel


Image of Among the Missing: A Novel

Joss’ beautiful, evocative novel is filled with tension and suspense, stemming not so much from physical action as from untenable relationships forged with secrets and loss. Each character’s grief-soaked isolation is palpable, which makes the wait for the big reveal as heartbreaking as it is intense. This is a spectacular psychological thriller.

A bridge collapse in the Scottish Highlands brings three strangers together, each hiding something from their pasts. A pregnant woman, believed to have died in the collapse, takes that opportunity to start a new life and family away from her insensitive husband. She finds shelter and support in Silva, an illegal immigrant whose husband and daughter did die in the accident, though only the pregnant woman knows this. The two women are helped by Ron, a drifter who had recently been in prison and makes himself useful as a means of atonement. (DELACORTE, Jun., 272 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener