Image of Among Others


Image of Among Others

This is a book for anyone who has been an outsider, for anyone who has lost someone they loved, for anyone who loves books. Told through entries in Morwenna’s diary, the story makes readers privy to her innermost thoughts, hopes and fears while away at school during the aftermath of a terrible tragedy — it’s about how you go on living after you save the world, when the world doesn’t even know (or care) that it’s been saved. This is an utterly amazing and beautiful book.

Morwenna Phelps is 14 years old and has already lived through so much. Her half-mad and abusive mother tried to bend the spirit world to her will and in stopping her, Morwenna’s twin sister was killed and Morwenna herself was gravely injured. Now in the custody of a father she barely knows, she is sent to a boarding school in England, far from her family and her beloved Welsh landscape. Finding solace in science fiction novels, Morwenna tempts fate — and her mother — by attempting magic at school in order to find companionship in an increasingly hostile environment. Successful, Morwenna finds what she needs — both inside and out — to face down her past and move forward into her future. (TOR, Jan., 304 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs