Since the death of his wife, psychoanalyst Frederick Starks has lived a life of quiet desperation where all he does is work. This all changes the day he gets an anonymous letter. The letter claims that Starks ruined the writer's life and now the writer intends to reciprocate. He will bring havoc not only to Starks' life, professional and personal, but he will also destroy the lives of Starks' family. None of this need happen, though-if Starks commits suicide within a two-week period.

Terrified, Starks soon learns that the letter writer intends to make good on his threats. As the writer continues to torment him, Starks realizes it's time to act. Gathering his wits, he turns himself from hunted to hunter, determined to find out who is behind this horror.

THE ANALYST is a triumph, a tour de force of the highest order. Katzenbach's multilayered story constantly bedazzles the reader, pulling the wool over our eyes in grand style. This is a feast for those who love mind-boggling suspense. (Feb., 576 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg