Claire Sharp is thought to have information that should not be made public, but she has no idea what it is or who wants it. She becomes the victim of an assault and a home invasion when all she wants to do is finish her college finals and revel in her freedom.

Ex-mercenary Brett Adams, aka Hotwire, feels that it's his duty to protect Claire and steps in to help solve the crime. Hotwire doesn't try to hide his desire for her, and every minute they spend together leads them closer to the truth -- and closer to each other.

The concluding book in Monroe's Mercenary trilogy has realistic characters who experience equal amounts of tension and relief, making them easy to relate to. Readers need not have read Ready and Willing to enjoy this book, but the three in succession pack a powerful punch. Monroe writes with a flourish the type of lovemaking and desire that women can truly appreciate. (May, 352 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen