Devon St. John is running from a curse—his brother has passed him a legendary ring that spells doom—impending marriage. He flees to secluded Kilkairn Castle until he can pass the ring on.

Kat Macdonald has no use for men; she is only interested in making stained glass. But her brother, Malcolm, and his wife, Fiona, make a wager that sets a courtship in motion. Just as Kat and Devon are building a fragile friendship, in steps Murien, Fiona's sister, who's determined to win Devon.

The sensual heat that sizzles between Kat and Devon will take your breath away, and when the ring slips onto Kat's finger as if it were made for her, sparks fly. Hawkins works her special magic in bringing her unlikely and unforgettable characters together. It's like watching a historical version of The Bachelor, but much more fun! SENSUAL (May, 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin