When Dawn Arrowood, the much younger wife of a Notting Hill antiques dealer, is killed, it falls to Gemma James to investigate. She focuses her investigation on Karl, Dawn's husband. Scotland Yard Inspector Duncan Kincaid, Gemma's lover, is not so sure of this. The murder resembles an unsolved case of his and he's sure a serial killer is at work.

Duncan and Gemma are having some strains in their relationship, and although ever courteous of each other, their disagreement over the case is not helping. However, when another murder happens, both their theories are blown to bits. Neither one of them is aware of the real connection between the deaths, or that the link may just lie with "Angel," an orphaned teen from London's wild '60s.

A powerfully complex story makes AND JUSTICE THERE IS NONE an emotional reading experience. Crombie does a phenomenal job of plotting, combining a superb puzzle with an almost overwhelming poignancy. (Sep., 336 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg