Young Paul Hudson enters the ministry with high ideals, but pure motives soon bow to a craving for the approval of his earthly father, the famous pastor of a megachurch. Paul's godly wife and angry son fall chief victims to his ambition, as he builds a congregation through manipulation and compromise. The original elders of the church never cease praying for the young pastor who once showed such promise. In the Bible, the Jewish people blew the Shofar as a call to repentance. When the Shofar blows for Paul will he give heed, or will he continue on the path to destruction? Meticulously plotted, Francine Rivers' new masterpiece, AND THE SHOFAR BLEW (4.5G), brims with unforgettable characters. A copy of this contemporary fiction novel belongs in the hands of anyone seeking to build God's true church—people, not buildings and programs. (May, 446 pp., $22.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson