Though the attraction sizzles between Jeff and Sam, this oft-used plot is rather predictable, especially considering Cynthia's role as the very witch-y other woman. Despite the plot's predictability, the novel is fast-paced, with well-drawn characters, especially the tough yet tender Marconi sisters.

Sam Marconi's brief marriage to wealthy Jeff Hendricks nine years ago ended in divorce when Jeff never answered the letters she wrote telling him she was pregnant. Trying to do the best for their baby daughter, Sam gave her up for adoption.

When Jeff appears on Sam's doorstep claiming their divorce was never properly filed, sparks fly between them once again, despite the fact that Jeff is now engaged to the very proper Cynthia. But, Sam receives her biggest blow when she visits Jeff's hotel room and sees a miniature version of herself — their daughter Emma!

Jeff has raised Emma on his own after his deceitful mother finagled her adoption and convinced Jeff that Sam gave Emma up because she didn't want her.

Now will the couple now go separate ways or can they realize that lives were nothing and then came you? (Jul., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick