Image of And Then Everything Unraveled


Image of And Then Everything Unraveled

Sturman packs a lot of story into a
relatively short novel, leaving readers craving more, more, more! The mystery is compelling and smart, and the novel never veers into the familiar. The fun of it is guessing who's involved and who's merely along for the exhilarating ride.

When her genius mother goes missing on a "work" expedition, Delia can feel in her bones that T.K. isn't dead, as everyone else believes. Sent to New York to live with her aunts, Delia continues with her search and becomes almost certain that T.K. is not missing. She adapts to her new life, which includes the most handsome boy she's ever seen. (POINT, Jul., 256 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9780545087223, HC, 14 and Up)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg