In the middle of yet another party, actress turned author Juliet Bridger decides she's had enough. She's been a tabloid favorite for years, and the destruction of her marriage to billionaire Garrett Pierce makes the frenzy worse. Juliet changes her appearance and takes off in her vintage Mustang.

Veterinarian Cole Sheridan's life takes an unforeseen turn. With the unexpected death of his sister, five little girls suddenly inundate his life. In the space of six months, Cole has gone through 13 nannies.

Juliet's luck runs out outside Plentiful, WY, when her car breaks down and she loses her wallet. A group of citizens think that "Autumn Leeves," Juliet's alias, is the perfect solution for Cole's current crisis. Juliet never imagined herself as Mary Poppins, but soon finds she is warming to the task. The question remains: How will Plentiful and Cole react to the news that Autumn is none other than the infamous Juliet Bridger?

Back with her patented blend of humor, wit and emotion, Patti Berg takes readers on another fun-filled visit to the town of Plentiful. (Jul., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith