The realistic possibilities of this plot will leave you chilled to the bone. AND THEN YOU DIE gives suspense lovers a spine-tingling and nerve-shattering ride they won't soon forget.

Photojournalist Bess Grady and her sister, Dr. Emily Corelli, were hoping for a relaxing vacation in the small Mexican town of Tenajo. On assignment for a magazine, Bess was supposed to check out the town's tourist possibilities. However, when the women arrive, the entire population of Tenajo, except for one baby girl, is dead -- victims of an unknown virus. While the women search for answers, Bess is captured by a group of soldiers.

Bess quickly realizes that Colonel Rafel Esteban, her captor, is responsible for the virus. Tenajo was only a test of its capacity. Suddenly, help for Bess comes from a most unexpected source; one of Esteban's men frees her.

Kaldak is not what he seems, but getting Bess out of Esteban's clutches is worth blowing his cover. Although Bess is worried about Emily, Kaldak insists that Bess and the baby must return to the States. Esteban and a Middle-Eastern terrorist plan a devastating virus strike in the US, and Bess' and the baby's blood samples could provide the answers and the antidote.

(Oct., 336 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith