Image of And When She Was Good


Image of And When She Was Good

Here’s another stand-alone by Lippman that truly stands out. She addresses issues of power, class and gender using a complicated heroine that you will care about, even as you question some of her life decisions. Lippman is a pro at building tension and writing nuanced, multifaceted characters.

Suburban madam Heloise, aka Helen, has clawed her way to a certain amount of security and safety, living in a comfortable suburb with her son, Scott, and discreetly running an escort service. But then another suburban madam dies suspiciously, and Heloise learns that Val, her former pimp, whom she helped put behind bars for murder, may be released. She has been able to conceal Scott’s existence, as well as her role in Val’s conviction, from him, but now everything she’s built for herself, and her son, is in danger. (MORROW, Sep., 320 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Liz French