This is a fantastically funny caper
from the winner of the 2006 Campbell Award (for best new science fiction or fantasy writer). Fast-paced and dizzyingly inventive, this novel will delight readers with its quirky little details, which are a joy to read. Observant readers will realize the ending well before it happens, but the payoff is worth the trip.

Harry Creek, an ex-cop war hero hacker, has been recruited by the State Department to avert a major diplomatic incident precipitated by a farting device. Given the task of locating a rare sheep, the Android's Dream, he resurrects a childhood friend as an artificial intelligence and begins scouring the globe for the sheep -- which is used in an alien race's coronation ceremony.

Only able to find traces of the DNA in the cells of pet shop owner Robin Baker, they find themselves on the run from a band of mercenaries employed by the military and forced to hop a spaceship to the far reaches of space in their quest to save humanity. (Tor, Nov., 400 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs