Neggers has few peers when it comes to crafting this type of story. She combines
a brain-teasing mystery and a steamy, compelling romance into a breathtaking reading experience. It's top notch.

Charmed by elderly Patsy McCarthy's account of an Irish legend about fairies and a stone angel, folklorist and illustrator Keira Sullivan travels to the Emerald Isle to see if the story has any factual basis. Investigating an old ruin, Keira thinks she sees the angel, just before the place caves in on her. Enter undercover FBI agent Simon Cahill, sent to find her by worried family members. Keira thinks the collapse wasn't accidental, but Simon's not entirely convinced.

But a string of murders in the United States--including Patsy's--makes him concerned enough to shadow her, especially after they give in to their powerful attraction. That's fine by Keira, because Simon's a handy guy to have around, in more ways than one. But he also has some secrets that could come between them. (MIRA, May, 336 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer