Image of The Angel (The Original Sinners)


Image of The Angel (The Original Sinners)

Reisz continues Nora and Søren’s story with this absolutely stunning tale of love, loss and pain, beautifully tying together the many plot threads with finesse and proving her talent. The detail in portraying BDSM culture makes this book a genre stand-out and will appeal to anyone looking for a little “ouch” with their “oooh.” Readers will want to pick up The Siren before diving in.

Nora Sutherlin will do anything for her partner and Dom, Søren, even if it means hiding out in upstate New York with friend Griffin and sub-in-training Michael. But as a journalist starts digging up dirt in hopes of destroying Søren’s career, Nora and her friends must bury the truth. Plus, Nora realizes her feelings for an old friend are too serious to ignore. She may have to re-think her relationship with the most important man in her life. (MIRA, Oct., 416 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna