The latest addition to the Sinclare Brothers series is a delightful tale of deception and passion. Colorful historical details add depth to the humorous, sensual love story.

Lachlan Sinclare doesn't relish his latest mission: to retrieve the shrewish Lady Alyce from a convent. But this presents the unique opportunity to search for his missing brother.When he arrives at the abbey, however, he learns Alyce has died and the nuns are left unprotected from the mercenaries roaming the area. Lachlan finds it difficult to keep his mind on locating the outlaws with the lovely, but forbidden, Sister Terese's swinging hips. The sister is far from reverent -- in fact, quite the opposite.

To gain her freedom, Alyce took a dead nun's identity, and now her plan is crumbling. She can't deny her attraction to Lachlan, but she has no need of his protection. She and her fellow "sisters" are able warriors. As Alyce gets tangled in her own deception, events transpire to bring the lovers together. But will the truth destroy their love or unlock secrets and brings them happiness? (AVON, May, 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin