Madeline Baker's newest paranormal romance is about a man who has been on the wrong path so long that he doesn't know the right one when he stumbles upon it. It takes the courage, faith and love of a good woman to finally uncover the wonderful person beneath. Readers will rave about Madeline Baker's extraordinary storytelling talents.

Half-breed outlaw J.T. Cutter has one year to change his evil ways. No sooner is he reprieved than he steals a horse, cheats at cards and kidnaps Brandy Talavera.

But J.T. is in for a surprise, for Brandy is from the future. Their destinies are linked and until she can find a way home, Brandy refuses to be "released." This is one prisoner who intends to stay caught!

The two travel across Wyoming and stumble upon a tribe of Crow Indians; luckily, they're Brandy's ancestors and she saves J.T. from certain death by taking him as her husband.

Living with the Indians prompts J.T. to seek out his Sioux family. With the Sioux, he finally finds himself, his home and love. But despite the strength of their love, Brandy and J.T. face obstacles-the pending war between Custer and the Indians, and J.T.'s deadline with destiny. (Mar., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer