Ryen, France's finest knight and leader of the army, is known as The Angel of Death for her stunning victories. She captures Bryce, the Prince of Darkness, feared leader of the English forces, to prove to her father that she is as capable a knight as her brothers.

Matters quickly become complicated when Ryen discovers her growing attraction to the enemy. At her father's castle she realizes that she has led Bryce to his death and that her father has not altered his opinion of her military prowess. However, her loyalty to France and code of chivalry conflict when the knights of the castle challenge Bryce to a joust. It is up to Ryen to find a way to save him.

Bryce escapes and at the Battle of Agincourt he takes Ryen prisoner and returns to England. Because all France believes Ryen turned traitor she cannot return home. Ryen adheres to the code of chivalry and loyalty, but her love for Bryce is undeniable.

THE ANGEL AND THE PRINCE is an excellent tale of honor versus justice. Ryen is a hero in her own right who struggles with her choice between a life of military exploits and a life with the man she loves. I applaud Ms. O'Donnell for treating this conflict as a serious issue and writing a better romance for it. SENSUAL (Mar., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Michell Phifer