In every generation, one boy is given the chance to redeem his people and save them from an ancient curse. Swift Hawk has a spirit vision that requires he seek the white woman who haunts his dreams.

Angelia Honeywell and her brother, Julian, are running from the law--again. This time, Angelia is in real trouble when Julian poses as a scout for a wagon train headed for Santa Fe. Hunted by those who seek revenge and facing certain hardship if the wagon master discovers their deception, Angelia must barter with Swift Hawk--she will teach him about the white man's world and he will teach Julian scouting skills. But it's a woman's heart that Swift Hawk truly desires--and ultimately wins--before the harsh reality of a forbidden love catches up with them. Then Swift Hawk must choose between his duty to his people or his soul's desire.

Kay weaves Native American lore into our collective understanding of the Wild West in an attempt to create a tale of lovers caught between different worlds. But the tale sputters at Angelia's enthusiastic pursuit of and quick seduction by Spirit Hawk, and too many questions remain unanswered. SENSUAL (Sep., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black