Former angel Valerie Grace is very upset and confused. For some unknown reason, she's been kicked out of heaven and exiled to Earth as a human. The small wallet Valerie finds in her possession takes her to the Paradise Inn, which is run by another fallen angel, Barlow. One of the few warnings given to fallen angels is to stay away from the tempter demons, and as luck would have it, Valerie's own personal tempter demon, Nathaniel, shows up immediately.

Feeling she has been unjustly kicked out of heaven, Valerie is determined to find a way back. So when she learns that a nasty demon named Julian has gotten ahold of the Key to Heaven, she vows to retrieve it and use it to get herself and the other fallen angels back where they belong. A determined Valerie will brave the underworld in her quest. Of course, things are never quite as they seem.

This is one aptly titled book! Rowen does a delightful job mixing things up with her sassy and sexy characters. She has her own unique spin on life and the afterlife and good and evil, which makes for downright fun reading. (Jul., 400 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith