Image of Angel Betrayed (Fallen)


Image of Angel Betrayed (Fallen)

Eden continues The Fallen series with a tale that is beyond dark and gritty — it’s grim and depressing. Although the ending holds out a little hope, it’s not enough to lighten the read. Eden has a great imagination and creates great characters. Unfortunately, there are too many characters and species with insufficiently explained backstories, so readers may be confused much of the time.

Sam is a fallen angel. Once an angel of death, he was cast out and suffered severe punishment after going berserk and killing people who weren’t marked for death. Seline, who is half demon and half fallen angel, makes a deal with Sam: She will help him find his brother; in return, he will protect her and help free her from the punishment angel she has been working for. Along the way they encounter demons, fallen angels, vampires, witches and hell hounds, survive some brutal attacks and find time for a little romance. (BRAVA, Jul., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan