Image of Angel In Chains (The Fallen)


Image of Angel In Chains (The Fallen)

Eden is a master of suspenseful paranormal romance, and her Fallen series is full of sexy alpha angels, all ready to sin for the right woman. Az and Jade’s chemistry is practically combustible, beginning in lust and growing toward love. And with fast-paced action, readers are in for a wicked ride.

Jade might be “just a human,” but dealing with the evil minions sent by her possessive former lover forced her to develop serious skills, which she isn’t afraid to use. She uses her street smarts to occasionally manipulate others — because staying one step ahead of a psychopathic shifter isn’t easy. Jade is tired of being hunted, tired of running, tired of being used. Azrael, the once mighty Angel of Death, has fallen, and his earthbound adjustments have not been easy. He knows that finding his way back to heaven is the only answer, but he cannot ignore his primal response to Jade. Will redemption force Az to choose between loving Jade or causing hell on earth? (BRAVA, Dec., 352 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty