Image of An Angel for Christmas


Image of An Angel for Christmas

It’s hard not to believe in the magic of Christmas, especially when Graham spins a tale of healing, renewal, hope and light, complete with enigmatic characters, a breathtaking winter scene and a tale as old as time, with a miracle or two. You’ll find your first must-read holiday tale of the season right here.

It’s Christmas and the annual trek to the family cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains is on. Even as adults, the McDougal siblings, Shayne, Morewenna and Bobby, follow the instinct to be together at this time of the year. Lost in the snow, they find Gabe Lange, who says he’s a cop on the search for an escaped criminal. The family is wary but hospitality wins out and they take him in. As they spend time with him he gives them what they seemed to be missing, faith. That faith is once again challenged when yet another stranger appears and the family struggles to do the right thing. Is there a higher power at work here and will they accept it? (MIRA, Oct., 336 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt