Image of Angel of Darkness (The Fallen)


Image of Angel of Darkness (The Fallen)

Although Eden starts with an interesting premise, it is overshadowed by a confusing plot that basically amounts to “everyone against the main characters.” And even if you are familiar with Eden’s dark stories, these characters are not very sympathetic; no one really comes across as the good guy. With all the shifting allegiances and plotting it is hard to hold out hope for mankind, or, for that matter, vampirekind or angelkind.

Keenan is an angel of death who has fallen emotionally for the woman, Nicole, who is his assignment. When he breaks the rules by not taking her in death, Keenan becomes a fallen angel. Keenan struggles back from his torment in hell and tracks down Nicole, who is now a vampire. But it seems as though everyone wants Nicole dead. The two team up to battle vampire hunters, wolf shifters, other fallen angels and angels — all while trying to evade the law enforcement officers who are also after Nicole. (BRAVA, Dec., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan