Things just arent going well for Prentice Dobson. Her job has disappeared, her love life is totally unsatisfying, and she still hasnt gotten over her estranged sisters violent death. She returns to her old home, intending to visit the cemetery to find solace. Instead, she discovers that her uncles grave is empty and that she has a guardian angel.

Augusta Goodnight is about as quirky an angel as one can get. Kindhearted, a flamboyant dresser, and a bit scatter-brained, she loves to talk about the past and the present, never the future. As Prentice goes through her sisters belongings, she discovers that she had given birth to a baby shortly before her death.

With Augustas help, Prentice is determined to track down the baby. Shes also bound to solve the mystery of the empty grave. What should be two simple tasks turns out to be the murderous adventure of a lifetime, and one that can only be resolved with heavenly intervention.

The idea of a crime-fighting angel is delightful, and Augusta Goodnight is sure to capture your imagination. AN ANGELTO DIE FOR has a touch of of humor, romance, and poignancy, mak-ing it a well-balanced story. (Oct., 320 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg