Since her mother's untimely death, April Pruitt has had little or no use for doctors, so while all the other young women in town are mooning over the new doctor, Gray Fuller, April is out selling tonic; a cure all for women's problems.

Though Gray is engaged to the wealthy and possessive Francesca, he is intrigued by the feisty Miss Pruitt and her infatuation with Henry, her two-timing boyfriend. Francesca doesn't understand Gray's need to set up his own successful practice or his love of small-town life and the more she tries to drive him to return to the city or redecorate his home, the more she drives him toward April.

For some strange reason, April finds she likes Dr. Fuller and when he takes her challenge to test out the merits of the tonic, she develops a true respect for Gray.

Then April discovers the horrid truth about Henry and turns to Gray for help only to discover that his bedside manner is almost too tempting to resist.

ANGEL FACE AND AMAZING GRACE is Americana romance at its best; warm, funny, sweet, and brimming over with real people and real problems that are solved with old-fashioned good sense. Readers will surely delight in another scrumptious sweet from Lori Copeland. SWEET (Jan., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin