Image of Angel Falls


Image of Angel Falls

This heart-pounding novel doesn’t stint on its characters. No one — except perhaps the villain — is a cardboard cut-out. Each person’s past, as well as his or her struggle to rise above it, is revealed with subtle, masterful touches that enhance, rather than slow, the hurtling plot. Despite an overly long dénouement, Mann keeps the story flowing with clever twists and nail-biting moments.

Regina da Silva, a scarred survivor of the bleak favelas of Brazil, runs an orphanage with her best friend, Isabel. When Isabel is murdered, Regina vows to deliver Isabel’s infant son to a safe haven in the States. She doesn’t count on the arrival of former U.S. Army Ranger Brooks Anderson, who’s been mysteriously “assigned” to the same mission. With a murderer hot on their trail and intent on killing little Eduardo, Regina and Brooks must learn to work together to protect the baby and to trust each other with their deepest secrets. (ABINGDON, Mar., 368 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Carolyn Martin