Image of Angel Harp: A Novel


Image of Angel Harp: A Novel

Phillips pays homage to his second home by rewarding readers with a view of Scotland’s picturesque scenery, entertaining folklore and enthralling history. This beautifully written story about rediscovery will refresh readers and inspire them to hope in second chances.

Six years after her husband‘s death, 40-year-old harp teacher Marie Buchan realizes her life is in a rut. Yearning for adventure and fulfillment, Marie packs her bags and travels to Scotland for the sabbatical she and her husband always dreamed about. While sightseeing, she happens upon a small coastal village and decides to stay for a while. It is not long before the town and its quirky people captivate her. Soon she catches the eye of two very unique men who harbor terrific secrets, and one enchanting little girl who will change her life forever. (FAITHWORDS, Jan., 464 pp., $16.99)
Reviewed by: 
Chandra McNeil