Author Jan Hudson has a very special talent for writing soul-stirring and magnetic love stories. Her new novel, ANGEL HOURS, explores the fascinating concept of lost loves, reincarnation and learning from past mistakes.

After a spectacular career, model Welcome Venable is looking forward to peacefully retiring to her ranch in Texas. First, however, she must travel to Greece to finish a photo layout for her good friends, Meri and Ram Gabrey.

Over the years, Welcome has also done little "errands" for her CIA friend, Philip Van Horn. This time, a small task goes dangerously awry when Welcome witnesses a murder and must flee for her life. Miraculously, a man appears out of nowhere and helps Welcome elude the killer, only to vanish just as mysteriously.

Thousands of miles away, star quarterback Wade Morgan is awakened by disturbing dreams. Despite being in contract negotiations, and against the protests of his bodyguard, Wade is compelled to travel to Greece.

From the moment he sees her, Wade knows Welcome is destined for him. Welcome, though, is furious that Wade denies having rescued her. He insists that he was in California at the time.

Despite her new-found bodyguards, Welcome is being stalked by a determined killer. Wade and Welcome also find themselves dealing with feelings of deja vu. Have they known and loved in the past, only to have lost a chance at happiness? Will this time be different?

(Oct., 304 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith