Countess Angelica needs a man who is powerful, strong and clever to protect her from her enemies and King John's wrath. She plots to capture the one man who is all this-the elusive, Robin Hood-style hero known as "The Devil of Midnight."

Nicholas St. Clair is none to happy to be trussed up like a sacrificial lamb as he is presented to the lady, but once she tells him her tale he agrees to her charade-that they pretend to be husband and wife. Nicholas has heard the rumors that Angel killed her husband, but he finds it difficult to believe.

Angel must prove she is innocent of the crime and if "marrying" the Devil is what it takes then she'll sell her soul for her freedom. However, her plans go awry when she and Nicholas fall in love.

Once you start ANGEL OF MIDNIGHT you won't put this sexy medieval romance down. Jo-Ann Power writes a tale that resounds with all the color and passion of a turbulent era. Brava! (SENSUAL (Oct., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin