Heather Reed thought she had made the right decision four years ago. She and Todd Winston broke up when she wanted to pursue her dream of being an actress but he left acting for a more stable career.

Todd is shocked when Heather shows up in Whispering Wind, WY with their three-year-old daughter. Hed thought nothing would lure Heather from New York and her dreams of making it on Broadway. When he meets his daughter, he is floored. Events in his past left him with a fear he refuses to talk about. The only thing he knows is, hes still drawn to Heather and afraid of Angel.

Sherryl Woods gives her characters depth, intensity and the right amount of humor. With skillful dialog and great situations this is a joy. Readers of Ms. Woodss last Mira book, AFTER TEX, will be especially thrilled as they catch up with old friends. (Aug., 408 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson