In the fourth book in the Fallen Angels series, devilish Lord Robert Andreville has returned home after years of working as one of England's greatest master spies, ready to find some peace. But the quiet is short-lived.

Maxima Collins literally lands on Robert and turns his life into a new and different adventure. Determined to learn the truth about her father's death and flee her uncle's stifling home, Maxima sets out for London. Born and raised in America, the half-Mohawk Maxima is more than prepared for the journey. Much to Robert's surprise she is not a pampered chit, but an intelligent, strong-willed and very determined woman.

While Robert decides to join Maxima he has no idea that his brother Giles and Maxima's relative, Lady Ross, along with her uncle's hired man are hot on their heels. They brilliantly out-maneuver them at every turn, getting themselves into one delightful fix after another and making an astonishing group of friends along the way.

Most surprising of all is that Robert begins to fall in love with the most unconventional Maxima. Maxima, too, feels a growing passion for her dashing "escort" and vows to help him banish the ghosts of his past as she solves the mystery surrounding her father's death.

Readers may recall Robert and Maxima from Ms. Putney's short 1990 Regency romance The Rogue and the Runaway. In this deftly written, expanded version she weaves in an extra dose of sensuality along with a secondary love story sure to please old and new fans alike. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin