Two very different women find a shared destiny in Cedar Hills, the city of angels. Sharon Shinn returns to the fascinating world of Samaria in ANGEL-SEEKER (4.5G), where angels live among humans. Elizabeth, left penniless and forced to work as a servant, joins the women flocking to Cedar Hills hoping to draw an angel to their beds. Bearing an angel child is risky, but it would guarantee Elizabeth a place in the world. Rebekah is a woman of the Jansai, a desert tribe that detests the angels, but when she finds the injured angel Obadiah, she defies family and tradition to care for him. Thus the two women start down the path that leads each to her heart's desire. Readers new to this amazing world will definitely want to read the other Samaria novels. The shifting points of view between Elizabeth, Obadiah and Rebekah mesh seamlessly; the world of Samaria is hauntingly familiar and utterly believable; and the story itself is compelling enough to read in one sitting. With an expert blend of drama, pathos and humor, an utterly original setting, an exciting and tender love story and characters the reader will embrace, this novel is a truly spectacular work of fantasy fiction. (Mar., 480 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum