Fiona can barely remember her life before she was found and brought to the priory on the Island of Skye. Only a very few suspect the secret of her birth and will do whatever they must to protect her until Highland warrior chief Alec MacPherson comes to the isle.

Alec arrives in Skye as their new lord, ready to work for and help the people rebuild lives that had been shattered by their last ruthless leader. But he also meets the lovely Fiona and is drawn to her like like a moth to the flame.

Fiona, too, feels something powerful for Alec and as their love blossoms, so does danger. It is time for Fiona to return to the world, for her to reclaim her rightful heritage, but there is one who would do whatever he could to keep her memory locked away, one who fears that she somehow remembers the face of the man who killed her mother and a secret that might change the course of history.

Brimming over with the color, vibrancy, history and lushness of life in 16th-century Scotland, ANGEL OF SKYE is a riveting read. I was held spellbound by this carefully researched, intriguing romance and by the three-dimensional characters and their whirlwind adventure. May McGoldrick lives up to her promise as a new and very bright star of the genre. SENSUAL (May, 352 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin