Image of Angel Slayer


Image of Angel Slayer
ANGEL SLAYER (4.5) by Michele Hauf: Having dreamed of angels her entire life, Eden Campbell uses art to show the world the beings she can’t talk about for fear of being thought crazy. But when a fallen angel named Zaqiel stalks her at her first art show in order to impregnate her and force her to give birth to a vampiric nephilim, she must rely on demon Asher Manning to escape. To Asher, sent back to Earth from below to kill the fallen angel, protecting Eden should be secondary to his task, but his attraction to her soon makes him want her for himself. Hauf will have readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Her adaptation of religious myth is fascinating, as is her unique depiction of steampunk angels and demons. Asher is the ultimate flawed hero, and readers will fall in love with him. A must-read!
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay