Irish author Marian Keyes revisits the Walsh family in this wise and witty tale of Maggie, the "good" girl of the five sisters. Maggie and husband Paul Garvan have lived through some tough times but nothing as difficult as when Maggie discovers Garv is seeing someone else. With communication impossible between them, Maggie moves into her parents' home.

Acting upon an invitation from her best friend, Emily, Maggie travels to LA to stay with her and see firsthand the glitz of writing screenplays. Poking fun at the film industry, the author treats us to a humorous depiction of Hollywood game-playing and the tremendous amount of narcissism in the lucrative world of movie making. Supporting characters are as diverse as they are eccentric—from the neighborly New Agers to the neurotic studio execs. As Maggie becomes accustomed to LA, will she ever find herself and return to Garv, or is their marriage damaged beyond repair?

A truly gifted storyteller, Ms. Keyes has the unique ability to hold the reader's interest from start to finish. Maggie becomes a personal friend, one whom you want to find happiness, despite past mistakes and personal hardships. Through it all, she retains the ability to laugh at herself and her circumstances. A top-rate Chick Lit novel, this read will have you laughing with, and cheering for, Maggie as she finds her way home again. (Jun., 368 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick