A new Incomparable graces the Regency genre with a saucy tale of an impetuous young lady and a notorious rake.

Lady Angelique Graham is both the delight and the despair of her straight-laced parents, who find her high spirits more than a little alarming. It is certainly no wonder, then, that they refuse to announce her engagement to Simon, fearing that her acceptance is but the impulse of the moment. Instead, they whisk her off to France for a whirlwind shopping trip.

Disaster, however, strikes as they disembark upon their return, when the young miss encounters Simon's rakish cousin, Jamie Faring, Marquis of Abbonley, and rashly offers the wounded soldier a ride in the family carriage. Known to friend and foe alike as "The Devil" after a scandalous duel, he is not at all a suitable acquaintance for a young innocent.

Now Angel's parents are confronted with an even worse dilemma, one that could ruin their daughter's future as well as break her heart.

Ms. Enoch takes a major step forward in what promises to be a highly successful career with this absolutely delicious Regency confection. (Nov., 224 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer