In this spin-off from Gather the Stars, Adam Slade, the Glenlyon's illegitimate half-brother, the notorious and legendary Sparhawke, promises a dying man that he will deliver a necklace to the man's daughter, and see that Juliet Grafton-Moore is safe.

His vow takes him to London where he finds that Juliet is not a helpless girl, but a brave young woman fighting off the mob who are attempting to force her from her home, a haven she has set up for "fallen angels" (former courtesans).

Haunted by his past and the horrors he has witnessed as a soldier, Adam is stunned by the beautiful generous Juliet's deep well of courage and her foolish insistence to continue rescuing girls from a life of prostitution, even when she endangers her own.

Adam becomes her reluctant protector and the attraction between them soon explodes into passion. Yet Adam fears that his ignoble birth will never allow him to marry an angel like Juliet. But when her life is threatened he can no longer deny his love or her power to heal the wounds in his soul.

Kimberly Cates' hallmark intense emotions and exquisite prose, fill the pages of this exemplary romance. An utterly beautiful story that shines with the message that love not only heals, but allows us to grow, and that as we give of ourselves we receive so much more. Brava, Ms. Cates: another masterpiece. SENSUAL (Dec., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin