Image of Angels Landing (A Cavanaugh Island Novel)


Image of Angels Landing (A Cavanaugh Island Novel)

Alers returns to the Lowcountry of Cavanaugh Island for the second installment of her three-part series. Family secrets are exposed, and the life of a New York social worker is changed forever. The lifestyle portrayed in these pages reveals snippets of the rich history of African-Americans, and the details of the island’s social structure from past eras are intriguing. It’s always a pleasure to discover little-known facts about racial history in America. Even better, the slow build to the love affair between the leads is believable and satisfying, on all levels. Sit back and enjoy!

When Kara Newell responds to a missive from Taylor Patton’s attorney, she is blindsided by the news that not only was he her biological father, but he has willed her his entire estate. Fending off attempts by her newfound relations to nullify her claim, Kara decides to accept her inheritance and restore Angels Landing. She is also drawn to the island’s sheriff, former Marine Jeff Hamilton. Jeff had returned to the island to care for his grandmother and finds that protecting Kara from mysterious attempts to force her off Angels Landing is becoming equally important to him. (FOREVER, Aug., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins